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Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 3

If Number 3 is missing from the Birth chart, the person will lack the prominent traits of Number 3.

Remedies for Missing Number 3 - Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 3 is placed second in the Plane of Thought in the Lo-Shu Grid. Number 3 stands for intellect and knowledge. It represents the wood element. Since 1 +2 = 3, Number 3, ruled by Jupiter, reflects Number 1 and Number 2 characteristics. If 3 Number is missing in your Lo-Shu Grid chart, you can face problems related to health and distractions in life.

Missing Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid

Missing Numbers in Lu Shu Grid impact a person’s life negatively

  • The person with Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 3 can suffer from health-related diseases.
  • Number 3 people have good communication skills, but if Number 3 is missing, individuals find it hard to express their views and opinions.
  • They have low-self confidence and often underestimate themselves.
  • Persons who do not have Number 3 in their Lo Shu Grid are faced with distractions and cannot think logically under challenging times.
  • They find it hard to express themselves.

Missing Number 3 Remedies

One can’t eliminate the negative impact of Missing Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid. But, some remedies can lower the harmful effects of Missing Number 3.

  • Missing Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid indicates that wood element is missing from life. Keep sceneries of green plants or plants in the house's east direction.
  • Use wooden furniture such as a wooden table, chairs, graft bamboos in the East direction.
  • Place paintings of running horses in the East.

Lo Shu Grid Repeat Number 3

Number 3 can repeat in one’s Lo Shu Grid. 3 Number can repeat once, twice, thrice, or more in the magic square. Repetition of the Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid has positive and negative effects. Based upon the number of times it repeats, it affects the person’s life.

  • If Number 3 is coming twice in Lo Shu Grid, the person is creative and mentally active. The individual is good at writing and can take up creative writing.
  • If Number 3 is present three times in Lo Shu Grid, it is not good as the person become overly imaginative. The individual also becomes anti-social and tries to maintain distance from friends and family.
  • If Number 3 is present four or more times in Lo Shu Grid, it makes the person impractical and fearful.

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