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Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 1

 If Number 1 is missing from the Lo Shu Grid chart, the person will lack the prominent characteristics of Number 1.

Remedies for Missing Number 1 - Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 1 is an important number in Lo Shu Grid which represents the water element. Number 1 is related to career and planning. If this number is missing in your Lo-Shu Grid chart, you can face challenges in your career and planning.


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Missing Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid

Missing Numbers in Lo Shu Grid has an impact on a person’s life

  • People with Missing Number 1 in their Lo Shu Grid can face career-related problems.
  • Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 1 lead to low willpower, courage, and self-confidence in the person.
  • People who do not have Number 1 in their Lo Shu Grid don't bother about thier self-respect.
  • For Missing Number 1, it is hard to express their innermost feeling and individuality.
  • They sometimes forget about thinking for themselves and keep on helping others.

Missing Number 1 Remedies

One can’t completely get rid of the impact of Missing Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid. But, there are remedies that can lower the harmful effects of Missing Number 1.

  • Missing Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid indicates that water element is missing from one’s life. Keep an aquarium in the North direction of the house to replenish the water element.
  • You can also place a small Fountain in your home to enhance the water element.
  • Offer prayers and worship Surya Yantra to please the God of Number 1, Sun.

Lo shu grid Numerology Consultation

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Lo Shu Grid Repeat Number 1

Repetition of the Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid will have both positive and negative effects. Number 1 can repeat once, twice, thrice, or more in the birth chart. Based upon the number of occurrences, it affects the person’s life.

  • If Number 1 is coming twice in Lo Shu Grid, it is considered good because the person will have a balanced personality. The individual is expressive and able to communicate effectively his own self as well as outwardly.
  • If Number 1 is coming thrice in Lo Shu Grid, the person is talkative. Due to this, the individual is often seen as an entertainer.
  • If Number 1 is present four times and more in Lo Shu Grid, the person finds it difficult to express views verbally. Prefers to communicate in writing.

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