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8 Planes in Lo Shu Grid and Their Meaning

  • Published 07 Jul 2022
  • Last Updated 07 Jul 2022
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Numerology is an ancient science with a vivid history. Traces of Numerology can be found in Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilizations. Different cultures and philosophies have given rise to different types of numerology. Lo Shu Grid numerology is a Chinese Numerology. The Chinese Numerology system, i.e., Lo Shu Grid, is used in parts of Asia.

What is Lo Shu Grid?

Lo-Shu Grid is a square consisting of 3 horizontal and 3 vertical rows. The square consists of 1 to 9 numbers arranged within the horizontal and vertical lines. What’s peculiar about the Loshu Grid is the addition of three numbers in a straight line, whether vertically, diagonally, or horizontally – the total is 15. The Chinese believed Number 15 to be lucky.

Let’s understand in detail the three horizontal and vertical lines, also known as planes, in the Lo Shu Grid chart.

Lo Shu Grid Chart in Chinese Numerology


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3 Horizontal Lo Shu Grid Planes & Their Importance


Horizontal planes in lo shu grid meaning


Mental Plane or Mind Plane

The first horizontal line of numbers 4, 9, and 2 in the Lo Shu Grid is the intellectual plane. This line represents the person’s intellect, and ability to think and analyze. If anyone has all the three numbers (4, 9, 2) in the Lo-Shu Grid, the person will have a rational approach to life. But if any number from 4, 9, or 2 is missing, the plane will be incomplete and the person can lack good memory or be impulsive while talking.

Spiritual/Soul or Emotional Plane

The second line of numbers 3, 5, and 7 make the spiritual or emotional plane. It represents the person’s feelings, intuition and instinct. The concentration of numbers in this line can mean too much emotion. Repetition of Number 5 has a negative effect whereas too many 3’s leads to quarrels. However, an excess of 7 is considered auspicious. Too many 3, 5, and 7 in the emotional plane means logical thinking is missing. If the numbers of the spiritual plane are not balanced by the numbers of the intellectual plane, it indicates the person thinks from the heart.

The Material or Practical Plane

Numbers 8, 1, and 6 are arranged in the last line and represent the practical plane. Numbers 8, 1, and 6 (together or single) are prosperity numbers in Chinese Numerology. These numbers are indicative of success, abundance, fortune, and prosperity. They also mean a materialistic lifestyle, perhaps causing feelings of arrogance and egotism. If the material plane is dominating and the spiritual plane is missing, it suggests a wealthy personality devoid of feelings. If numbers of mental planes are missing, it means the person can waste the riches.

3 Vertical Planes in Lo Shu Grid & Their Meaning


Lo Shu Grid Vertical Rows and Its Importance


Thought Plane

The first vertical row (Numbers 4, 3, 8) makes the thought plane. As the name makes clear, it reveals a person’s ability to think of ideas and the fruition of those ideas.

Will Plane

The middle vertical row (Numbers 9, 5, 1) is the will plane. It is the plane of determination and persistence to succeed. People born in the 1950s have all the numbers on this line.

Action Plane

The last vertical row (Numbers 2, 7, 6) is the action plane. It depicts a person’s ability to put their thoughts into action.

What Does 2 Diagonal Lo Shu Grid Planes Denote

2 Diognal Planes in Lo Shu Grid as per Chinese Numerology


Golden Yog

Number 4, 5 & 6 in the Lo-Shu Grid means golden Yog or Raj Yog. It brings name, fame, and money. Only 2-3% of people are blessed with it.

Silver Yog

Numbers 2, 5 & 8 in the Lo Shu Grid square make the diagonal Silver Yog. It is also known as Rajat Yog or Property Yog. The person will have several properties but will have to face ups and downs as well.

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