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Characteristics and Personality Traits Based on Numerology

  • Published 07 Feb 2019
  • Last Updated 29 Jan 2024
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Every person is born with a different set of characteristics that make them unique. How a person interacts or behaves is determined by his/her characteristics. Numerology reveals characteristics of people according to their ruling planet number, thus allowing you to know the strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, and nature of a person. Also, numerology tells you the best profession, lucky day, lucky colour, lucky years based upon your numbers. 

Know your and your dear ones characteristics based on Numerology

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Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 1 People

Number 1 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 1 indicates pillar shape and reflects independence and strength.
  2. It is masculine, and it possesses a strong sense of courage and leadership.
  3. They are authoritative, disciplined and fortunate in getting help from a person who has the authority.
  4. Mostly in their jobs, they are original, efficient, honest, trustworthy and correct because they make the right decisions at the appropriate time. 

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 2 People

Number 2 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 2 plays a supportive role in their life. They are sentimental, lazy, and can easily get depressed.
  2. The 2 is the most gentle of all numbers, representing cooperation, diplomacy and friendly.
  3. It is very feminine, queen-like and subtle.
  4. It loves music and harmony in any form.
  5. The moon gives them a love for aromas and fragrances. They have refined nature with good aesthetic sensibilities.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 3 People

Number 3 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 3 is the most imaginative of all numbers and is reflected in its open and inviting shape, ready to embrace anyone in this world.
  2. They are hardworking and keep themselves busy with something or other all the time.
  3. They do not like to be subordinated, nor do they like minor jobs.
  4. They are Ethical, Philosophical & Generous.  

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 4 People

Number 4 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 4 is square-shaped and down to earth. It is fixed on the ground and acts as a rock of support for all other numbers.
  2. They undergo changes of ups and downs constantly and suddenly, so they are unable to trust easily. 
  3. Their doubting nature makes psychic number4s stubborn adamant,/inflexible.
  4. They have to struggle for their growth and development and constantly face obstacles in any job they do, whether small or big.
  5. They love music, dance and are creative too.  They have an attraction towards opposite numbers.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 5 People

Number 5 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 5 is open in front and back. It is the most dynamic of all the numbers.
  2. It is persuasive and a salesperson par-excellence.
  3. It is adventurous and courageous. They travel a lot.
  4. Psychic number 5s are very intuitive by nature. They can accurately understand the intent of any person who visits them and can easily see the actions of their partners and colleagues.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 6 People

Number 6 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 6 is the most loving and surviving of all numbers. It is a mother/fatherhood number and seems pregnant with love.
  2. They are magnetic, youthful, gentle, soft-spoken, romantic, luxury-loving, artistic, and possessors of refined taste. They attract members of the opposite sex easily and are usually loved and respected by them.
  3. They are secretive by nature and can keep the secrets of others, never revealing them to anyone else.
  4. They are lucky enough to get all the luxuries and facilities of modern living- such as a house with a garden and vehicles–before 45 years.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 7 People

Number 7 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 7 is a thinker and a saint. It is creative, unconventional & moody. It is the most spiritual of all numbers.
  2. It is mental, analytical, focussed, contemplative and meditative.
  3. They are good speakers and have the ability to mobilize public opinion in favour of their arguments; even their opponents have to agree with their points of view.
  4. They are good writers, painters and poets and can express their ideas through any medium.
  5. They quickly get involved in the affairs of land and the people they visit.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 8 People

Number 8 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 8 represents the balance between the spiritual and material world. The symbol of 8 reflects heaven and earth in the two circles stacked on top of each other.
  2. Number 8 people are confident and determined.
  3. Their willpower and serious nature give them the strength to handle all kinds of projects successfully.
  4. They believe their work is their worship and aim at doing big things, in whatever business or job they have.
  5. They are not helped by others, primarily because they like to do everything themselves and do not like to ask for help or be helped.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Number 9 People

Number 9 Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. Number 9 completes the circle. Like 6, it is a loving number, but where 6 loves the family, friends and the community, 9 gives its love to the world; it is the humanitarian number. Thus, considered to be a lucky number.
  2. It is giving, sharing, loving and caring.
  3. They are statesperson, politicians, lawyers, writers, philosophers and above all, idealists and courageous.
  4. They are ambitious, and due to their strong will and determination, they progress rapidly on their chosen path.
  5. They should be careful in signing legal papers and should read them properly; if necessary, they should consult a lawyer or expert before signing.
  6. They have strong sex impulse. Any smart woman can easily play with his heart and befool him and get her work done.


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