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Does your Child Lack Concentration while Studying? Follow these Vastu Tips

  • Published 13 Oct 2021
  • Last Updated 13 Oct 2021
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Concentration in studies is the single most crucial step that leads students to success. When a child studies with a focused mind & time management, position in the class is guaranteed. While designing the study room of our child, we ensure that the room is well-equipped with modern furniture, internet accessibility, and other amenities so the child can study with attention. However, we often overlook the directions, material of the study table, positioning of the room etc. These details can make a considerable difference in your child’s focus and learning power.  

Apply a few changes in your home Vastu with your wonderful parenting, and then see the positive effects.

Vastu Tips for Study Room -- Help Your Child Concentrate Better

  • The location of the study room has a great influence on your child’s ability to work effectively. 
  • The study table should be square or rectangular and should be made of wood. If your child faces a lack of concentration, the desk should never be of metal or glass.
  • Keep the study table neat and clean all the time. 
  • Table lamp or computer can be placed in the southeast corner of the study table.
  • The ideal directions for the study room are north, northeast or east. All other directions induce laziness, a sense of anxiety in children. The child should face north, northeast or east while studying, this amplifies grasping power and memory.
  • Images of Goddess Saraswati (God of knowledge) and Lord Ganesha (Deity of Good luck) can be placed on the wall in front of the study table to nurture auspiciousness in the learning process. 
  • The walls of the study room can be painted blue to promote expansion and encourage higher thoughts. If you want to stimulate the mind, walls can be of yellow colour.

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Green Plants at Home -- Spread Positivity Around Your Child

  • Plants are useful and quite effective in creating a positive aura at home and children’s health better.
  • The Heart Chakra is green in colour. The plants are also green in colour. The functioning of the heart chakra improves when it is surrounded by greenery and will make your child emotionally stable.
  • Green plants withdraw carbon dioxide from the home atmosphere and release oxygen that keeps the mind healthy and stress-free.
  • Green plants are soothing and have aesthetic value. Having plants around your child’s study room will increase positivity in your child’s life.

Practice Meditation -- Make your Child’s Mind Powerful

  • A powerful, healthy, and positive mind can help your child concentrate better and work in the right direction. 
  • Meditation will increase your child’s focus power. 
  • Meditation fosters positive thinking. When your child’s mind is positive and powerful, he/she can do great things in life. 
  • Meditation will make your child’s body and mind healthy. With a robust body-mind, he/she can achieve much more and excellent things in a short span of time.
  • Meditation will keep stress and anxiety away from your child that hampers concentration.

Parents Can Help -- Instill Moral Values in Child for Better Concentration

  • Parents should ensure that the home environment is harmonious, free from negativity and quarrels so that children can concentrate better.
  • Parents should encourage their children to have 7-8 hours of sleep. Sound sleep will energize your child and will lead to higher concentration and learning. 
  • Inculcate in students the habit of waking up early in the morning. Concentration power during the morning is high as there are no disturbances around.
  • Parents should take their children to religious places and parks. The aura of these places is serene. Children will feel good and optimistic by visiting such places. 

Internal and external factors obstruct your child’s concentration. These Vastu tips will surely improve the quality of your child’s life and will aid in higher concentration power. 

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