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How to Find your Personal Year Number

  • Published 16 Dec 2020
  • Last Updated 24 Mar 2021
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Personal year number plays an important role in numerology predictions. Numerologists take this number as a base to calculate the yearly and monthly predictions for an individual. A personal year number is calculated based on date of birth. So, one must know his date of birth for this calculation.

We take an example of the year 2021 for calculating the “Personal Year Number”.

Year 2021, makes 2+0+2+1=5 (Number 5) i.e. the number of Mercury. Based on the year number (5), it will have the same effect on the whole world, but in the personal year you will find the specific effect of that on your own personal life.

Now, to understand it, let us take one hypothetical example:

Name of the Person                :           Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Date of Birth                           :           7th July,1985

            R A J E S H       K U M A R        G U P T A

            2 1 1 5 3 5         2  6  4 1 2          3 6 8  4 1

             = 17 = 8          = 15 = 6           = 22 = 4

                                    = 8+6+4 = 18 = 9

Name Number is 9, Ruled by Mars

Psychic Number (Date Number)            : 7

Destiny Number (Date+ Month + Year) : 7+7+1+9+8+5=37=10= 1

Hence, DOB is represented as               : 7/1

Now, let us say, this person wants to know his Personal year number in year 2021.

For calculating the same, write down the Date of the birth, Month of Birth, and Year number in which you want to calculate your Personal year number, now add all these numbers and finally reduce to a single digit number, that will be your Personal Year Number.

In this case, it will be:

            Date of the Birth                     :               07

            Month of the Birth                  :               07

            Year                                         :           2021


            Total                                        :       2035 = 10 = 1


So, Number 1 will be the Personal Year number for Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta for the year 2021.

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So, the Personal year number for 2021 of this person is Number 1. Now, you have to see the relationship of Number 1 with his Psychic Number (7) & Name Number (9) as per the table of the relationship of planets shown here:

Number Planets Relationship Table

Here, we can see the relationship of his Psychic number (7) with Personal year number of 2021 (1) is friendly, hence this year will be good for him.

Similarly, his name number (9) vibrates friendly with Personal year number (1), so as per this year 2021 will be good for him.

Hence, we can say that year 2021 will be a very good year for Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Similar to the above, you can also calculate your personal year number and consider the planets relationship table above to check your friendly numbers based on your personal year number.

Now, as the Personal Year number calculated for Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta is 1, the following happenings may occur in this particular personal year:

Year Number 1 (Ruled by the Sun)

  1. Since number 1 is an important number, a year with this number is also important. During this period, difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will be lessened.
  2. Feel healthier mentally and physically and will move on the path of progress.
  3. Achieve success in job and business, if one gets organized and plans ahead.
  4. Remain free from fear and anxieties.
  5. This year is good for appearing in competitive Exams and starting a new financial venture. If one is a writer, musician, or painter, the year will prove very significant for new compositions.

Personal Year Number varies from 1 to 9. The happenings of the Personal Year number will vary accordingly.


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Monika Aggarwal
Fri, 04/30/2021 - 18:15

Difficult concepts made easy to comprehend thanks to you