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J C Chaudhry Hits Bulls Eye With T20 World Cup 2022 Final Prediction

  • Published 15 Nov 2022
  • Last Updated 20 Apr 2024
  • Read Time 2 mins

Correct prediction via numerology is one of the tools that can calculate the future as per the numbers. This is the fact that this cosmic science can induce the right prediction of any problem or results of any cricket match. Although at times, the predictions can be a little wrong, which is why there is room to grow with experience and time.

The same happened in the ICC's T20 World Cup. During the last two to three days, there was a lot of thrill has been watched in the T20 world cup final.

In the T20 World Cup 2022, the match between England and Pakistan is a matter to predict. As the Pakistan team will be headed by Babur Azam and England by Jos Butler, Chaudhary as per numerology said that both the sides or teams have positive numbers.

Calculating the values of the place where the match will be held, that is the Melbourne cricket ground, its number five, which is positive to both the numbers of Pakistan and England. Chaudhary predicted that both teams were going to gain similar points in the match. As per city numerology too, the number goes positive with both groups.

Next calculating the country, that is Australia's value, Chaudhary said that the country number is negative for Pakistan and positive for England, making it a zero for Pakistan in this aspect.

With the total parameters that were counted by the numerologist, it was calculated that Pakistan will have low numbers than England. That means, in this match too, Pakistan will face a defeat, as predicted by Chaudhary.

Dr. J C Chaudhary, Numerologist and Vastu Expert, is an entrepreneur, numerologist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist.

He started his career as a teacher and then set out on the journey of an Entrepreneur by establishing Aakash Educational Service Limited (AESL). Today, AESL is one of the standalone medical and engineering test preparatory institutes pan India.

For more information, you can ask a question to Dr. J C Chaudhry. 

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