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Karmic Debt Numbers: The Karmas of Past Life

  • Published 01 Feb 2023
  • Last Updated 27 Apr 2024
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Karmas refers to past-life actions, or work and their effects on the future course of events. Good intent contributes to good karma, whereas bad deeds lead to bad karma.

Every person born performs activities (kriyas) throughout their life. However, some people indulge in morally wrong acts or commit sins, whose results they have to face in their present or coming lives. In Indian religions, the concept of karma is believed to be associated with rebirth. That means a person must reincarnate to bear the consequences of their previous actions.

Maharishi Bhrigu (a great saint) collected birth charts and wrote predictions about the current and future lives of people, as well as information about their past lives. He observed that certain numbers are typical and linked with specific characteristics. His notable work became the source of further research and gave rise to the concept of Karmic Debt Numbers. As per the school of Numerology, many times mistakes are made and gifts of nature are abused. So, the individual is born with a Karmic Debt Number to learn the lesson that he or she failed to learn in the previous life.

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Karmic Debt Numbers are 13, 14, 16, and 19. A person who is born on dates 13, 14, 16, 19, of any month or whose Destiny Number/Life Path Number is 13, 14, 16, 19, has a karmic debt. Each of these numbers is characterized by a set of difficulties that an individual needs to work on in his lifetime. The degree of punishment is strongest in the case of Karmic Debt Number 19, followed by 16, 14, and 13.

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Understanding The Meaning of Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16, & 19

Karmic Debt Number 13

Karmic Debt Number 13 is about the misuse of morals for material gains. People with this karmic debt have to work harder to achieve their goals. More often than not, individuals have to face repeated setbacks to achieve success. This number is seen in accomplished people from all walks of life—business, sports, arts, etc. who gain success after rigorous hard work.

Word of Wisdom: People with Karmic Debt Number 13 must remain focused to realise their targets. They must avoid shortcuts for quick success that may not last long. Maintain a schedule and be consistent in your efforts to reap numerous benefits.

Karmic Debt Number 14

Karmic Debt Number 14 indicates abuse of freedom in the past life. People with Number 14 are compelled to adapt to changing situations. There is a danger of falling victim to alcohol, sensual pleasures, etc. Because Number 14 is associated with escapism, modesty and self-control are necessary to overcome its effects.

Word of Wisdom: Commitment is the key to breaking free from the negatives of Karmic Debt Number 14. To move in the right direction, stay determined and avoid excessive sensory indulgence.

Karmic Debt Number 16

Karmic Debt Number 16 relates to past life wrongdoings towards partners. This could manifest as short-lived relationships or repeated heartbreaks. Those with Karmic Debt Number 16 must refrain from egotism.

Word of Wisdom: People with Karmic Debt Number 16 must stay honest and loyal in relationships for happiness. Develop humility to strengthen relationships and gain success in life.

Karmic Debt Number 19

Karmic Debt Number 19 is associated with abuse of power and freedom in the past life. Individuals were uncaring and selfish in their previous lives. In this life, they must learn lessons regarding the use of freedom and power. They may find no help in difficult situations and have to endure tough times alone.

Word of Wisdom: The person with Karmic Debt Number 19 must remember that they are a human being, connected to others, and in need of help and support. Openly embrace advice from others and be of help to others.

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How to Overcome Karmic Debt?

The concept of karmic debt can be threatening. Being punished for mistakes made in the past can be unsettling for people born on the numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19. However, Karmic Debt Numbers are common, and even successful people have them. What matters is that we understand what karmic debt is and the lessons it teaches us.

Karmic debt helps a person address and outgrow their limiting behaviours or personal struggles. It is an opportunity for a person to correct the mistakes and challenges they have grappled with in their previous lives and become better versions of themselves. It is believed that if one ignores the karmic debts, they will appear as continuous roadblocks in one’s life. So, it is better to acknowledge them, and overcome them. One’s karma in life is to be self-disciplined, conscious, and indulge in good acts.

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