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Make Your Brain Powerful for a Successful Life

  • Published 21 Sep 2022
  • Last Updated 21 Sep 2022
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You are what you think.” It means your mindset is everything. Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body. Inside your brain resides the mind responsible for thoughts, ideas, and memory. Your thinking dictates your action. You do what you think. For example, if you constantly feed your brain with negative and depressing emotions, your actions will manifest the same. There will be anger in your behaviour, jealousy, and a negative attitude.

A negative mindset is like a parasite that slowly rusts your body and life. Therefore, to lead a productive life, it is important to empower your mind.

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What is Mind Empowerment?

Empowering your mind means increasing brain power, such as enhancing cognitive ability, sharpening your memory to become your greatest self, and successfully fulfilling your targets.

Let’s follow some useful tips to make your brain powerful.

Keep Your Body Healthy

A healthy brain resides in a healthy body. If you want to have a powerful brain, first make your body salubrious. A moving body is a fit body. A shoe shines bright when you rub it with a brush. The more you brush, the more it shines. Likewise, the more you move your body and engage in physical exercises, the more perfection is reflected in your body.

Do Brain Exercises

You would ask what is brain exercise. Brain exercise means a series of activities and lifestyle changes to boost health and function. For example, meditation is an exercise for the brain to improve mental health and well-being. Similarly, you can play brain training games such as sudoku, puzzle, and logical questioning that improve your cognitive abilities, and memory, and amplifies brain strength.

Feed Positive Thoughts

How does your body reacts when you feed it junk food? It reacts adversely such as hormonal imbalance, acne, obesity, and other problems. Similarly, when you feed your brain with junk, it acts in an unhealthy way leading to depression, suicide, and other mental health illness. Satvik food is the best for the body and so is pure (sattvik) and positive thoughts. Surround yourself with optimistic people, listen to motivational videos, and think good that in turn does more good to your mind.

Saying Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself. Repeating statements like “I am worthy,” “I am powerful,” and “I am Motivated to work” can help sabotage a negative mindset and make you feel empowered to take on the day’s tasks.

Read Books

Read mind-empowering books such as “the power of positive thinking,” “outliers: the story of success,” “meditation & subconscious mind,” etc. These books are written to assist you in living a happy and productive life. It is full of tips and information on how you can train your brain for the greater good.

Final Word: How do you wish to live your life? If you desire an active and meaningful life, you must nourish your brain and body. By implementing the above tips in your life, you can increase your mind power which will help you achieve great things in less time.

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