To do Numerological Audit of

To find out Compatibility of a person with his/her existing Business Partner or with person he/she is planning to make his/her partner in business.

To identify best period/time for Investment in business and the period/time in which he/she should avoid investments.

To find out compatibility between a boy and a girl for Marriage or keeping relationship healthy.

To give suitable Name to a Brand or establishment or company so that it works very well for the person/ group of persons.

To verify suitability of Name or Spellings of Name of a person and modify it for betterment of life path and progress.

Naming of a Newly Born Child in harmony with date of birth so as to make his path of life smooth, progressive and more successful.

To tell right Number for Home to live and office to rent/purchase for doing business.

To find out Right Date of engagement,
marriage, inauguration ceremony and

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