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Harnessing the Power of Numbers to Attract Wealth by Numerology

  • Published 22 Jun 2024
  • Last Updated 22 Jun 2024
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Numbers are powerful. Numbers have energy and vibrate with a certain frequency that holds immense significance. From determining personality characteristics to shaping destinies, numbers exert a mystical impact on our lives. Every number in numerology is charged with a unique vibration conducive to growth, prosperity, affluence, happiness, and wellness.

Individuals interested in harnessing the “power of numbers” for lifestyle enhancement are often curious to know how to attract money/ wealth as per numerology or which numbers in numerology attract money/wealth.

Know the Power of Numbers to Attract Money / Wealth in Numerology

Numerology deals with numbers. It is rooted in the belief that numbers have energy and they radiate energy in the universe, attracting positive and negative experiences for the individuals. Numerology emphasizes the use of favorable numbers because they vibrate with harmonic vibrations, the positive effect of which is felt in life, such as an increase in the money flow, getting success in endeavors, uncovering new opportunities, etc. The selection of the right numbers as per numerology for business, partnership, career, investments and for various other life activities which can bring growth and success. 

To discover your numbers and understand how they can bring you abundance in life, consult Dr. J C Chaudhry for a numerology reading where he discusses with you in detail your numbers and their significance.

How Numerology Helps Attract Money / Wealth?

The science of Numerology offers an insight into a person’s behavior, health, relationships, and various other aspects of life through the study of core numbers that are name number, psychic number, and destiny number. Each of these numbers have different effects on our lives and attract different things in life. The name number affects the psyche and influences one’s fame and fortune, whereas the psychic number (birth number) has an impact on daily activities, and the destiny number (life path number) represents the tendencies and the long span work you will carry out in your existence like marriage, house, etc. 

To find out these important numerology numbers for yourself: name number, psychic number, and destiny number, use our JC Nummerro Calculator. The calculator will show you your numbers based on Chaldean numerology system. Knowing your important numbers is necessary for selecting the right date for an important task, right partners for business and marriage, the factors that contribute to overall success. 

Let us understand with the help of an example how numerology can increase the money flow in your life. 

The name number, psychic number, and the destiny number vibrate with definite frequency. If the vibrational frequencies of these numbers resonate with each other, they bestow people with financial gains and fulfillment in life. If the vibrational frequency between these numbers repel each other they can become the source of slow progress and suffering. 

For example, let’s say a person’s name is Sara Arora and is born on date of birth 14/ 5/ 1985. Let’s find out the name number of Sara Arora and psychic number and destiny number from the date of birth 14 / 5 / 1985

Name Number Calculation
S A R A    A R O R A
3 1  2  1    1  2 7 2 1
= 7             = 13
= 7             = 4 
= 11
= 1

Name number of Sara Arora is 1

Psychic and Destiny Number Calculation
Psychic Number: 1 + 4 = 5 
Destiny Number: 5 ( 1+4) + 5 + 5 ( 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 5) = 15= 6 
DOB= 5/6

Let’s analyze how these numbers vibrate:

Name number (1) & psychic number (5) are friendly as they vibrate in harmony with each other. 
Name number (1) and destiny number (6) are unfriendly as they do not vibrate in harmony with each other. 

Since, the vibrations of numbers are not harmonious with each other, these numbers attract negativity for Sara Arora leading to financial loss and other sufferings. 

Numerology Remedy To Attract Money:

By changing the name spellings of Sara Arora, we can derive a name number that shows a friendly relationship with both her psychic number and destiny number, contributing towards positivity. 

The name number has a contribution of 30% towards luck in life. By modifying the spellings of the name or through name change as per numerology, we can attract positive experiences into a person’s life.

Numbers That Attract Wealth

Every number in numerology represents a certain quality. There are certain numbers in numerology that stand for wealth and luxury. Having these numbers in one’s date of birth means the person has money-attracting numbers.

Attract Money with Number 4: Numerologically, number 4 is for wealth. Missing number 4 in the date of birth can lead to a scarcity of money in one’s life. Let’s understand with the help of an example, how to find the missing number 4 in the date of birth.

Let’s assume a hypothetical date of birth 30 / 5/ 1996. We will make a Lo shu grid chart and plot the numbers of the above-mentioned date of birth to find the missing numbers.

Birth date number: 3
Month number: 5 
Year number: 1996 = 7
Psychic number : 3 
Destiny number: 6  {3 + 5 + 7( 1+9+9+6 = 25) = 15= 6 }

Attract Wealth with numerology

In the above Lo shu grid chart, we find number 4 is missing. The number 4 in the Lo shu grid represents the wood element and signifies luck and wealth. Missing number 4 leads to lack of wealth and struggles in life. 

Missing Number 4 Remedies to attract Wealth

Keep green plants in the south-east direction of the house. 
Light a green bulb on the south-east wall of the room. 
These are two of the remedies that can bring wealth, as per numerology, to people with the missing number 4. 
For more remedies regarding missing numbers as per numerology, you can connect with Dr. JC Chaudhry.

Embrace Success with Number 5: Number 5 in numerology is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budh). It represents the earth element in the Lo shu grid and lies in the center of the chart. If number 5 is present in the Lo shu grid, it brings luck and success. Missing number 5 in the Lo shu grid leads to unhappiness, troubles, and increases the chances of bankruptcy. 

Remedies for Missing Number 5:

Feed birds with overnight soaked green pulses
Keep Money plant, Tulsi plant or Quartz crystal at home

Gain Financial Prosperity with Number 6: Number 6 in numerology is ruled by the planet Venus (Shukr). It represents the metal element and is related to wealth and comfort in the Lo Shu grid. Number 6 in the chart stands for wealth and money. Missing number 6 in the Lo shu grid indicates monetary problems and can make a person have no wealth. 

Remedies for Missing Number 6:

Hang six 11 inches long rods of golden wind chime in the north-west direction
Wear yellow clothes or golden-coloured bracelet

These are a few remedies for missing number 5 and 6 that can help attract financial vibes in life. If you have missing number 5 or 6, or both in your date of birth, consult with Dr. J C Chaudhry to know more about numerology remedies for wealth and how your numbers can bring you success.


Numerology acts as an insightful tool for developing a greater understanding of how numbers work and shape our lives. The science of numerology can be instrumental in helping individuals attract prosperity into their lives through the use of favorable numbers and numerology remedies. 


How can numerology make you rich? 
Ans: Numerology influences every aspect of your life, including wealth and finance. Numerology helps you attract wealth through favorable numbers, name number and date of birth number compatibility, and appropriate numerology remedies. 

Which numbers are money-magnet as per numerology? 
Ans: There are several numbers as per numerology that help attract wealth and abundance. Number 4, 5, 6, and 9 are known to bring prosperity in a person’s life. These numbers stand for money and the presence of these numbers in one’s date of birth makes a person lucky enough to enjoy fortune. 

How do missing numbers affect the wealth sector? 
Ans: Missing numbers in the Lo shu grid means that the person lacks the qualities and characteristics associated with that particular number. If your Lo shu grid chart is missing numbers related to wealth, you can face monetary problems in life. 

How to check if I have numbers associated with money as per numerology? 
You can book an appointment with Dr. J C Chaudhry for a numerology consultation to know what your numbers mean and whether you have the right numbers or not. To book an appointment, you can explore our website or download JC Nummerro App, available on Android Numerology App and iOS Numerology App.

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