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Don't Make Mistakes the Part of your Life - Lessons to Learn

  • Published 06 Oct 2021
  • Last Updated 23 Oct 2021
  • Read Time 3 mins

When losing becomes a habit, you can’t grow
Similarly, when mistakes become a habit, you can’t learn

Doing mistakes is not wrong, but repeating the same mistakes and not learning from them is life's biggest mistake. 

  • Have you also made mistakes in life, or maybe you still make some mistakes? 
  • Do you feel that you cannot achieve the desired results because of the mistakes made in the past? 
  • Does a thought occur in your mind that I would have been in a different situation if I had not made that particular mistake? 

So, if you feel guilty about your mistakes or want to alert your children on not making the same mistakes, you are on the right path. It shows you want to learn from your mistakes, or maybe you have already learnt and don’t want to repeat them. 

Lessons to learn for our youngsters to avoid mistakes

We don’t want our youngsters to be trapped in the web of mistakes. Mr. J C Chaudhry shares some impactful life lessons on how to avoid mistakes in life for a successful future.

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1.    Never Disrespect your Parents

Do you know your parents are your best friends? They will always guide you right, will be there for you as a pillar of strength, support you no matter what. So, never ever try to disrespect your parents. Even make your parents your best friend and share your problems with them. They can guide you from their own experiences which can save you from a lot of trouble in life. Your school or other friends can guide you wrong as well, but your parents will never. 

Motivational Quote by J C Chaudhry

2.    Never Postpone your Work

When you keep on postponing your work to play, enjoy, partying or anything else, you actually lose your focus and goal of life. It’s very important for students to create their daily schedule and follow it rigorously. Don’t sleep till the time you don’t finish your work of that day. Else, you can be working as an executive in a company one day, where your classmate (maybe who was more focused than you) is a manager in the same company.  

Motivational Quote by J C Chaudhry

3.    Do not Leave Any Learning Opportunity

If you think you know everything, you can never learn anything. You should always have the zeal to learn something new. You don’t only learn from your teachers or guru, even you can learn from someone who is younger than you, from your maid, driver or even from a beggar.  


Motivational Quote by J C Chaudhry

Share these valuable life mantras with your children, friends, and family members and help them grow and have a successful life ahead. 

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