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The Secret of Healthy and Happy Life Lies in Vastu Shastra

  • Published 05 Jan 2022
  • Last Updated 06 Apr 2022
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A healthy and happy life is the ideal life to live. The balance of both health and happiness makes life fulfilling and the absence of these make life dull and purposeless. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that health and happiness are interrelated. 

You can be happy only when you are healthy. The illness causes you to be sad, stressed, and anxious. Do not work only on your external body, but make your internal health salubrious. When you feel healthy inside, you look healthy from the outside as well. 

Similarly, if you are happy, you will be healthier. When you are in a positive state of mind, you can focus on yourself better. You pay attention to your eating habits, and your mind is stress-free, resulting in good health. Scientific studies reveal that happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins improve physical and mental health. 

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You take all the measures for a healthy and happy life. Still, you don’t feel the same. What could be the reason? 

Have you ever thought about Vastu Shastra for a happy life? Negative energies in the house and imbalance of five elements viz. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, and Air can lead to poor health and happiness. 

Vastu Tips for a healthy and happy life aim to correct the imbalance forces and create a prosperous environment for the same. 

Vastu Approved Plants for Health and Happiness

Vastu Approved Plants


Plants are a great addition to your home from an interior and Vastu perspective. Plants make your home look naturally beautiful and foster health and happiness due to their soothing green colour and medicinal properties. 
●    Tulsi, Pothos, Money Plant, Ficus, Areca are Vastu plants. Pothos is an air-purifying plant that cleans the air of toxins leading to salubrious health. 
●    Tulsi is considered a medicinal plant. Having this in the house is auspicious, as per Vastu. 
●    Cactus or any other succulent plants create friction and problems, which can disturb the peace and happiness of the family members. So, don’t keep these plants at home.

Vastu Directions for Positive Energy at Home

vastu directions for positivity


The direction of the bedroom and kitchen affects the health and happiness of a person. Sleeping and eating in the right direction can help you lead a disease-free life. Let’s apply the Bedroom and Kitchen Vastu for health and happiness.
●    Avoid sleeping or working under a beam because it creates minor and major health problems, like headaches. 
●    Sleep with your head towards the west direction to avoid the manifestation of diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, and insomnia. 
●    One of the Vastu tips for good health; your kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door.

Vastu Remedies for Good Health & Happy Life

vastu remedies for goodness


Vastu Remedies to correct the imbalance and negativity in the house that hampers health and happiness. 
●    The electric pole or tree in front of the entrance gate of the house is not good. It brings poor health to the family. 
●    In Vastu Shastra, water is the source of health. Leaking or wastage of water leads to health problems. 
●    Keep the house, especially the northeast corner, clean and well-lit to attract positivity and healthy energies. 

Vastu Tips for Health, Happiness & Well-Being

vastu tips for healthy and happy life


Easy and useful vastu tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine to experience well-being and happiness. 
●    Burn camphor or clean the home with rock salt to clear negative energies. Place Rock salt near an ill person to attract healthy energies. 
●    Store food and grains in the south or west direction of the kitchen to promote healthy eating habits. 
●    Place colourful fruits in a basket and keep them on the dining table, preferably in the center of the house for a healthy lifestyle. 

Living a healthy and happy lifestyle has become crucial because of the stressful lifestyle and ongoing pandemic. These Vastu tips for good health & happy life will surely bring a positive change in your livelihood. 

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