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How to Come Out of Stress

  • Published 12 Nov 2018
  • Last Updated 12 Feb 2024
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What is Stress?

Stress is common these days. Stress is the emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. If a person overthinks a lot, it amounts to unnecessary stress. Your mind and body both can be stressed. Muscle pain, fatigue, and chest pain are the physical symptoms of stress. Body stress is linked to mental stress. When your mind is troubled, your body reacts to it and as a result, you experience aches and pains.

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Causes of Stress

People of all age groups and gender face stress in life. A lot of things can cause stress. At the workplace, if targets are not achieved it leads to stress. For a school student, an upcoming exam or a debate or a race might cause stress. For some people, their personal appearance might cause stress. Stress is even caused by relationship issues, competition and financial worries. The same situation might cause stress to one person and make another person excited. For example, going to a social gathering might excite an extrovert but might leave an introvert worried.  

How to Come out of Stress

There are multiple ways to handle specific stressful situations however there are also some general techniques which help in coping with stress. To cope with stress we should involve ourselves in:

1) Do Physical Workout: A regular workout. We should take out at least 1 hour for some physical activity and games. When we workout our entire attention span goes to the workout and this helps in relieving stress. Working out also helps in boosting our self-esteem which reduces stress.

Do physical workout

2) Meditate Daily: A natural way to handle stress is meditation. Meditation helps in stopping the negative thought process and in filling the mind with positive ideas. This helps us in revitalizing our minds.

Meditate Daily

3) Build Relationships:  Maintaining good relations with our family and friends can help to improve our well being and counteract life’s stresses. Laughing together can improve one's mood and mental health.

Build Family Relations

4) Stay in the Present Moment: Worrying about the past or future leads to stress. Stay in the present moment and enjoy it. Mindfulness is a factor that can help in improving relations. Mindfulness is being consciously aware of the feelings of the other person and being in the present moment fully. It will help us in understanding the impact of our actions on others.

Live in the Present Moment

5) Eat Good and Sleep Well: Taking care of oneself by eating a healthy well-balanced diet and getting proper sleep are additional ways to manage stress.

Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

6) Help Others: Helping others or volunteering in the community boosts positive energy which in turn reduces stress.

Help Each Other

7) Time Management: When you do not finish your task on time or less time is left to complete your work, your mind becomes tense. Therefore, proper time management also helps in reducing stress by giving us sufficient time for tasks to be completed.

Learn Time Management

We should however not indulge ourselves in addictions like smoking, drinking etc. which only provide temporary relief but not a permanent solution. Ignoring our problems and dwelling on the negatives will make the problem worse. Another thing to be avoided during stress is eating high calorie, high sugar comfort food which can actually cause weight gain and health problems making us feel worse about ourselves. Learning how to cope properly with stress can go a long way in our everyday health and happy life.

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