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Success- A Gift of Luck or a Fruit of Hard Work?

  • Published 24 Mar 2021
  • Last Updated 09 Feb 2024
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Many people believe that Success comes only to lucky people or for whom it has written in their destiny. Do you agree with this thought? Or you believe hard work is the key to Success; If you work hard towards your goals, success is all yours.

There is an endless debate on this topic and never comes to an end. In this article, we have tried to highlight, how luck and hard work play their role in our lives and help us to gain success. Click to Tweet

Luck Success and Hardwork


Success as a Gift of Luck

Mostly this phrase is used by people who are not too ambitious and just believe in living life the way it’s given to them or the way they are born in it. Or few of those who are born with a silver spoon and do not have to work hard for achieving any dream.

According to this approach, a student who doesn’t qualify in the entrance exam in the first attempt should admit that he is unlucky and should leave it and look for something else; Childless couples should blame luck instead of trying IVF; Banks should blame fraud customers as unlucky instead of the powerful recovery system, etc.

People who believe in this approach will always hold luck responsible for the good and the bad. Instead of appreciating an achiever, they will simply say “She/ he was lucky” without even considering their journey of hard work.

Not that the luck factor doesn’t work but again it is the 80:20 compositions. Considering this, for every task or dream or goal we have to make a start, we have to take risks, we face rejections, sometimes even failures. These failures and rejections compel us to take an alternative approach and try again with better preparation. 

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Success as a Fruit of Hard Work

We work hard for 12 years to score good or outstanding in our Twelfth class board exams; a mother works hard for 9 months with care to deliver a child; teachers study with hard work and dedication throughout their lives to teach better and grow in it and last but not the least all self-made business magnets started from a scratch and have constructed their empires.

Hard work is the backbone of success; we can’t even compare the two. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon, and yes people do make their own mark by sheer grit and determination. Hard work is like a polisher for us and our lives whereas luck might act as a jewel in the crown, but without hard work, we only get content with much, much lesser for us.

Anyone can have challenging circumstances, to begin with, let it be students, new couples in marriage, business start-ups, anything for that matter. Even plants struggle or work hard to grow up and adapt to weather conditions. Hard work is like sowing the seed of the fruit of our choice and nurturing it to grow and give us that fruit. Only relying on luck is like waiting for our birthday to receive cash prizes and gifts, rather than achieve much more by working hard throughout the year and celebrating many such occasions.

Hard work might lead us to a lucky opportunity or vice versa but out of the two, success is the outcome of hard work mainly. 

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