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Unlocking the Power of Name Changes in Numerology

  • Published 01 Jul 2024
  • Last Updated 02 Jul 2024
  • Read Time 6 mins

The Science of Numerology assigns every letter with a specific number. Each of these numbers in turn have a unique vibration, which can significantly impact one’s life and destiny. Numerology believes both name and date of birth can greatly influence one’s fate, life and characteristics.

The effect of Name Changes in Life

A person’s name is the most important part of one’s identity. It gives us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world. We often perceive others to be a of a certain kind basis the name they bear. Often the first letter of the name is most given importance. But every letter is equally significant. By summing up the numerical value (allocated as per Chaldean numerology) to alphabets appearing in a name we obtain the ‘Name Number’ of an individual. 
For instance, if the name is: R A M   K I S H A N  A R O R A
                                  2  1  4    2 1 3 5 1  5   1 2  7  2  1
                                  = 7       + 17              + 13
                                 = 7        +8                 +4
                                  = 19
                                  = 10 = 1

Therefore, the Name Number is 1.

This number directs life. A person’s name has the power to determine traits, strong points and entire existence.

When the name of a person resonates harmoniously with his/ her Date of Birth it is considered favourable as it implies the person is likely to face less struggle in life and attract positive opportunities. On the other hand, a mismatch between the two can result in struggle and adverse effects. Numerology believes that if your name is not in harmony with your date of birth, it may cause trouble and you may not be able to reap benefits.

Therefore, many people due to this reason opt for ‘Name Numerology’ and get their name corrected that best suits their Date of Birth. Name Number in Numerology represents different aspects of a person’s life. For instance, Number 1 represents leadership, Number 2 represents balance, etc.

Benefit of Changing Name

By changing one’s name, the effect is not only on the name number but on both Destiny and Psychic number. There are numerous real-life examples wherein people have witnessed success by changing their names or the spelling of their names. The benefits of changing name are, it can help an individual fight challenges or decrease the one’s they were facing due to the name and date of birth numbers not being harmonious. It changes the values of one’s personality number resulting in change in traits, personality, ambitions and skills. Changing names can increase the positive energy that is already present in the name.

Know your Destiny by Name

Name numerology is also used to check for compatibility between two individuals. It can be a guiding light to understand connections and navigate the complexities of human relationships.

Name numerology is also used to gain professional success, such as, people opt to choose a auspicious business name i.e. ensuring the name for the business chosen is in harmony with the energies that influence success. It also influences career choices. Name numerology does not always require complete change. Spelling correction in name are also done to make it compatible with the date of birth.
It is very important to choose a child’s name as per numerology. As it will have a significant impact on the child’s life. A baby can be named as per numerology based on his/ her date of birth.

In certain cultures, or as per certain customs, women need to change their last name after marriage. Name numerology can assist them in understanding which name will be best suited for them and their relationship.

Vowels and consonants also play a major role in determining the correctness of a name for any individual. Hence, change of name will alter the expression number and soul urge number also.

In conclusion, name numerology offers a fascinating perspective on the hidden power of names and their influence on our lives. By understanding the meanings of the numbers in your name, one can get true knowledge about their potential and make informed decisions about their relationships, career and personal growth. It is by using the new name vigorously that the effect of the birth name can be reduced.



Que. Can changing your name influence your career success and professional opportunities?

Ans. Yes, changing one’s name can influence professional success. The right name is essential as it increases your call back chances when appearing for an interview. By changing the name or it’s spelling our outlook towards life and work becomes more positive. We are able to work with increased vigour and an individual is able to achieve more in life after name correction

Que. What are the benefits of name change in numerology?

Ans. Changing names according to date of birth can have a great impact on the challenges in life. It can help an individual to fight those challenges which were blocking their growth or may decrease them. It changes the values of one's personality number resulting in a change in traits, personality, character, ambitions and skills.

Que. How to check numerology for name?

Ans. To calculate your name number, you need to assign a numerical value/ number to each letter in your name, add up those values, and then reduce the sum to a single digit number.

Que. How do you break down your name in numerology?

Ans.    One should firstly write their full name and assign the numerical value to the alphabets appearing in their name. All the values then should be added and brought down to a single number. This number obtained is denoted as, Name Number. The compatibility of this number is checked with our Date of Birth number to check whether our name is in harmony with our DOB or not.
For example, 
Name : B R A H M A  N A I D U
             2 2 1 5 4 1     5 1 1 4 6
            = 15            +  17
            = 6 + 8 
            = 14 
            = 5
So, name number is 5
If Date of birth is 16-08-2002
Then, it will be represented as 7/1.
Name Number 5 vibrates nicely with Psychic number 7 as well as destiny number 1. Hence it is a good name and number for this person having DOB as 16-08-2002.


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