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Get your problems solved with the help of Numerologist

  • Published 28 Mar 2024
  • Last Updated 28 Mar 2024
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Life is indeed challenging. Everyone has their own set of struggles, be the personal, professional, health-related, etc. Navigating through the problems of life can be overwhelming. It is during difficult times that a person looks for a ray of hope. A professional numerologist near you can be your guiding star, directing your path and helping you with numerology solutions for lifestyle improvement.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a branch of the occult science. The word numerology comes from the Latin word “numerus,” meaning numbers and ology, means study. Therefore, numerology is a science that studies about numbers. It is a belief that numbers rule human lives and impact the events that take place in our lives, such as marriage, starting a business, joining a company, buying a house, naming a newborn, etc. Numerology also believes that numbers can reveal information about a person’s personality, desires, talents, and weaknesses. Numerologists use numerology to make predictions and uncover insights about a person.

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How Numerology Works?

Numerology works on numbers. Numbers carry energy and the vibrations influence the purpose of life. Name number, birth number/psychic number, life path number/destiny number are the core numbers in numerology.

Name Number: Number values are assigned to each letter in the alphabet (e.g. A=1, B=2, etc.) and these values are added to obtain a name number that has a significant impact on one’s life.

Birth Number: Birth number or psychic number is obtained from the birth date and helps a person make day-to-day decisions and gain a better understanding of the person’s psychic.

Life Path Number: Life Path number or Destiny number is obtained from the total date of birth (date + month+ year) and impacts a person’s lifelong decisions and fate.

These three numerology numbers are used for numerology calculations and predictions.

How Does Numerology Help You?

Numerology acts as a self-help tool for people. Through numerology, people can gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, what works best for them, and what does not. Also, numerology offers the following benefits:

  1. Helps you find friendly partners for the business
  2. Edifies you about the best day and time for important work
  3. Helps you form strong relationships with others
  4. Find compatible partners for a successful marriage
  5. Remedies for an improved lifestyle
  6.  Join a favourable company for growth

The Right Numerologist Near You to Solve All Your Problems

For holistic solutions to your problems, it is advisable to talk to an experienced numerologist. An experienced numerologist has years of expertise in the numerology field and is best able to guide you based on his/her experience.

Best Numerologist to Consult for Numerology

Dr. J C Chaudhry is a world- famous numerologist with 39+ years of experience and provides numerology solutions and consultation across the globe such as the USA, UK, Dubai, India, etc. He has helped many people with numerology solutions and has done name correction for thousands of individuals assisting them lead a better lifestyle. If you are Google searching for a numerology specialist near me, you can consult Dr. Chaudhry online or offline for numerology reading and consultation for your life problems.


1. What does a numerologist do?

Ans: A numerologist is a professional consultant who uses numerology to make predictions. A numerologist near me provides numerology solutions for life problems by anlysing the person’s numbers and the impact of their vibrations on life events.

2. What is a numerology specialist?

Ans: A numerology specialist is an expert in the numerology field. A numerology specialist near you will uncover the hidden meaning of numbers and provide valuable information to individuals based on their numbers such as birth number, life path number, name number, etc.

3. Who is the master of numerology?

Ans: When you search the keyword master numerologist, you will come across the name of Dr. J C Chaudhry. He is the first-ever numerologist to win a Guinness World Record in numerology and is a revered name in the numerology field. He is acknowledged as one of the top numerologist in India and abroad and provides numerology services globally.

4.How does numerology work?

Ans: Numerology science is based on numbers. It studies the numbers and their vibrations and its impact on life events. The favourable numbers vibrate with harmonious vibrations that attract luck in a person’s life.


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