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Published On 08 September 2021
Ganesha Idol vastu tips for home
This Ganesh Chaturthi bring Ganesha to your home and follow a few Vastu tips to bring peace and prosperity as well.  The first and foremost, if you want to make Ganpati happy; Respect your parents and elders. If you have respect and care for your parents, Ganesha’s blessings will always be with…
Published On 05 July 2021
How to Activate Chakras in Meditation?
The 7 Chakras are the energy centers of the human body. If these Chakras are activated properly, they provide immense energy to the body and the lack of energy/ power in chakra causes physical and emotional issues. So, there is a lot of importance of Chakras meditation. With the right use of 7…
Published On 06 April 2021
Vastu Tips to your house lucky
Vastu is all about balancing the directions’ effect and taking the positive vibes of each direction. Whenever you buy any new house, it is important to check its directions, especially the facing of the property. Directions also affect the mental peace, health, wealth, good luck and prosperity of a…
Published On 20 January 2021
vastu direction for house
The basic principle of Vastu lies in the free flow of energy throughout the home and create good vibrations and a nice feeling in the inhabitant of the home. It is scientific and is based upon the principles and laws of nature. If followed correctly, the people can definitely derive benefits and…
Published On 30 December 2020
7 Chakras and their Relationship with Colors
Have you ever realized the significance of different colors in your life? Some of you might have and others might not have. But its true colors play an important role in maintaining the body and health balance. We all know the visible light of the Sun consists of 7 colors. These colors reach from…
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